i just spent a goddamn fucking hour and a half on my i.t,s assignment thats due friday and none of it saved properly and the autosave didnt work either so im in a great mood ah

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me 11:59 September 30th


me 12:00 October 1st


it’s not even october and 90% of tumblr is like the second gif

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remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

This post creeps me out because it is absolutely true 

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Yo Nicki is legit fed up with people talking about her ass, though. Look at her face yo. She is genuinely INSULTED and not having it.

Like this is a woman who just likes what she does and all anyone can ever focus on is her fucking ass and the fact she got ass shots or whatever. She’s not stupid. Give it a fucking rest.

James Franco is a piece of shit. Because the only “value” or “talent” a Black woman could ever possess is her body or her ass, am I right? Fuck Franco and people who spout the same shit.

ok yeah James Franco is shit and nicki is fantastic but….aren’t they acting…like correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this scripted for a movie ……

yeah this is literally a promo for a movie in which james franco plays an idiot journalist and it is 100% scripted damn it none of you social justice bloggers do any research whatsoever 

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Yet another reminder of the fact that this cast is composed of actual children adults

BTS of “The Hobbit” spam (45/100)

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the anime in less then 8 seconds.

This is it. This is each character and what they do in the entire anime.

before I watched this series I didn’t believe that at all

I have learned

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so hobos are warning other hobos that something big and/or police inducing, ergo criminal, maybe about to occur. and that may-or-may-not involve other hobos and/or circuses?

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